Indicators We Should Talk:

When you are:

  • -Not confident you’ve done everything possible to reduce your taxes
  • -Not completely confident that your taxes are done properly & accurately
  • -Consistently filing extensions
  • -Not receiving tremendous value
  • -Not confident about HealthCare & the Affordable Care Act rules
  • -Not getting pro-active teaching & advice
  • -Not saving hassle & time
  • -Unable to get good advice over the phone
  • -Pay every time you ask a question

We’re Down-to-Earth yet Competent

Nick Meester is our lead CPA & partner of Nuance Tax & Accounting.  He spent nearly 7 years working for a prestigious CPA firm in downtown Minneapolis called CBIZ then served almost 4 years as the lead accountant at Eagle Brook Church – the 8th largest church in Minnesota.

Nick’s speciality is helping business owners with any size, scope, or complexity of business tax return. 

As a Lakeville CPA & Tax professional, Nick Meester has worked hard to build a firm that not only provides competent, rigorous tax services, but is enjoyable and down-to-earth when working with clients.

Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting
Phone: 952-892-7723
Address: 17850 Kenwood Trail #214. Lakeville, MN 55044

A Small Business CPA Abiding by Dave Ramsey’s Principles

Accountants and bookkeepers should be guided by principle and order.  We are committed to guiding business owners to build financial momentum, freedom, and be wise with their money.

While tax & accounting can sound bland, our purpose it to help maximize the efforts you put into your work so that we can build financial momentum that transforms your family tree for generations.  We will always act in your best interests to encourage wise financial decisions – and nothing is better than Dave Ramsey’s advice!

We help encourage people to pay off their debt, build cash reserves, invest wisely, and build financial momentum.  No other system or coach does a better job of this than Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University.

Our Values: When you choose to work with a professional organization that will play such an integral role in the future of your business, it’s important to not only know the people in the company, but also understand what ideals they are pursuing.  To us, Values are the standard to which we measure our conduct; it’s what we shoot for in our behavior.  Below is a list of Nuance Financial’s values so you can get an idea of the culture we’ve built at our firm.

Trustworthy: We’ll always act in your best interests and follow through on expectations. We are your fiduciary guides.

Competent: We’ve built a team of Tax experts with diverse experience and perspectives.  When working with us, you’ll receive the caliber of services that large businesses receive from “mega-firms” because that’s where our CPA Nick Meester cultivated His abilities.

Enjoyable: We don’t want to “Lord” expertise over clients – but instead be down-to-earth guides.  While we’re not perfect, we want to seek humility, kindness, & respect with everyone we interact with.

Rigorous: We’re not in the business of preparing & filing taxes, we guide businesses to utilize every possible strategy to mitigate their tax burden.  We’ll dive deep into your case to make sure we’ve completed a comprehensive tax analysis.

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Ed Ries – Dave Ramsey Coach for Entrepreneurs

Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps:

  1. Save $1,000 for Emergencies
  2. Pay off all non-mortgage debt with a Snowball
  3. Build 3-6 Months of Cash Reserves
  4. Invest up to 15% of your income for retirement
  5. Save for Kid’s College
  6. Pay off Home Early
  7. Give & Live like no other!

For over a decade, Ed Ries has been zealously living out Dave Ramsey’s principles to get out of debt, build financial momentum, and live a generous life.

Ed spent a little over a decade working in a smaller CPA firm in Bloomington where He learned tax & business strategies for nearly every type of situation possible. Not only does He possess some of the most practical tax strategies for small businesses, but He also used to help business owners go through the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps – with a unique entrepreneur approach.

When Ed works with Entrepreneurs – He combines a unique combination of expertise in business planning, Dave Ramsey principles & comprehensive tax knowledge.  He has guided hundreds of business owners through logistical, financial, and life-style issues – making Him one of the best consultants we’ve come across.

Specialized in Business – Not Just Taxes


Wholesale Rates & Helpful Services

We can help with all the payroll hassle by serving as an outsourced payroll team.  We also have access to special pricing for ADP, Paychex, & Intuit Payroll.


990, Accounting, Payroll & Bookkeeping.

After years of serving as the lead accountant at Eagle Brook Church, Nick Meester CPA & Nuance Accounting can serve as your outsourced finance team.

Tax Planning & Business Recalibration

Precise Strategic Plans

Taxes are businesses & individuals largest expense throughout their lifetime. We provide strategic planning to help you pay your fair share & not a penny more.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Services

We can do your bookkeeping for you to empower you to focus on what’s important & give you highly accurate results.

Tax Returns

Corporate Returns for Small Business

We specialize in corporate tax returns with high complexity. Partnerships, LLC, Cooperation, Sole Proprietor or C-Corporation.

Audit Help

Experienced CPA Representation

We’ll help you get on the right track while representing your interests during any type of audit. IRS, State, Sales Tax, Income Reclassification, etc.