About Us

Since our inception in 2014, Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting has had an explosion of demand with over 200 small business clients that trust us to track all of their financial operations and plan out their tax strategies.  We utilize technology to be a compass to our clients and transform their accounting and tax planning from a rear-view mirror to a front dashboard. We work exclusively with small businesses and their owners to perform all of their bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, retirement planning, and tax return needs – all in one place.  We are privileged to be the #1 rated accounting firm in MN.

Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting was birthed out of an idea that a small business and its owners can receive far more value than just getting their tax returns filed.  We help you get your taxes paid in throughout the year, we make sure your company is structured correctly, we do your books, we do your payroll, we coach you on cash flow optimization, we are always available to answer questions, and so much more.  We believe in walking alongside our clients throughout the whole year. We believe in long-lasting relationships with every client we have. We believe in a much more proactive approach, unlike the usual “Stuffy Crusty” accounting firms where they take your information at the end of the year and fart out a tax return.  

Allow us to transform your accounting from a rear-view mirror to a front dashboard.