We’ll be your outsourced accounting team.

Bookkeeping Done For You.

How many hours a week do you spend tending to your bookkeeping?  If you were to grade your efficiency, proficiency & accuracy when it comes to accounting, how would you fare?

What we’ve found is that it’s critical for business owners to understand their financial operations, but performing the tedious duty of bookkeeping has a low return on investment.  In other words, empowering a proficient bookkeeper to do the leg-work allows business owners to have a number of things.

But keeping your bookkeeping up to date is only part of the equation for your financial operations because Bookkeeping is the foundation for all decisions within a business.

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Hiring a Professional Bookkeeper will:

  • Increase your accounting accuracy
  • Keep your books more up-to-date
  • Save you time
  • Keep you in your “sweet spot” more often
  • Allow for greater tax planning
  • Give you a professional’s perspective
  • Give you powerful management reports
  • Increase scrutiny & safety
  • Provide more “audit proof” books
  • Show financial credibility
  • Help you relax more

How it Works

1) We Connect Your Accounts

It’s quick, easy, and safe! We will set you up with a QuickBooks online account and then get all of your bank, credit card, and relevant accounts connected.  


2) We do all your Bookkeeping

Throughout the week we’ll make sure your general ledger, chart of accounts & bank reconciliations are done with precision so you can focus on your business.    


3) You Get Pro-Active Reports & Planning

Because the accounting & bookkeeping is done pro-actively throughout the year, we are able to not only provide financial statements, but we can then provide you with tax planning, management reports & give you tools to budget.

Backup Bookkeeping Services.

Do you have severe catching up to do in your bookkeeping?
Are you forced to use phony & inaccurate estimates during tax time which leave you vulnerable to audits?

It can be easy to dismiss your bookkeeping when it gets overwhelming to try and fix.  But having accurate books will provide you the tools not only to manage your business, but to ensure you’re not paying any unnecessary taxes.

We can help you get your accounting & bookkeeping cleaned up, fixed up, and up to date!

 When Performing Backup Bookkeeping We’ll:

  • Create a Chart of Accounts & General Ledger
  • Determine the flow of funds & income
  • Identify mistakes & correct them
  • Identify tax & audit risks
  • Catch-Up all the Bookkeeping
  • Identify any opportunities to amend tax returns
  • Ensure your reporting functions are ready

QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor

Not only is Nick Meester a Certified Public Accountant and Ed Ries an accountant with over a decade of small business experience – they’re both really good at QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is beneficial for a number of reasons – but it’s not for every business.  Here are 7 basic reasons we love Quickbooks.

7 Reasons to Love QuickBooks

  • Delegate your Accounting Services Easily
  • Pay your Own Bills with Efficiency
  • Receive Payments Immediately
  • Work from Anywhere with Cloud Based Software
  • Able to Scan and Track Receipts
  • Be a Better Manager
  • Utilize Your Online Banking
  • Collect More Accounts Receivable
  • Integrate it with your WooCommerce Websites
  • Integrate Invoicing
  • Great Mobile Apps
  • It is Broadly Integrated to other Tech


Pricing & Service

We Serve 90% of our Clients by:
  1. Ensuring their business entity provides tax & legal protection
  2. Establishing sound accounting
  3. Providing ongoing bookkeeping through QuickBooks online
  4. Performing & providing payroll
  5. Giving pro-active, strategic Tax Planning
  6. Prepare Year-end tax filings for their business & family.
  7. Provide coaching & guidance concerning financial wisdom
  8. Shepherd businesses through Audits.

In Short, we serve as an outsourced accountant, consultant & finance team. 

90% of our clients Purchase our Monthly Service.

Why our clients love our monthly plans:
  • No Surprise charges – the scope of work & price is always determined ahead of time
  • No annual contract – you can cancel at any time with a 30 day advance notice (so we can close things up properly)
  • Ongoing service & pro-active planning
  • The pain of tax prep fees are spread throughout the year
  • It’s easy to budget for
  • It’s automatic & easy
  • It’s much cheaper than hiring a part time admin or bookkeeper
  • It’s tax deductible

Who We Are

Our mission is to empower business owners to focus on what they do best, by serving as their outsourced accountants, bookkeepers, tax advisors & payroll specialists.  In short, we’re your outsourced finance team.

Our purpose is to help maximize the efforts you pour into your business while helping you build a business that lasts for generations.

Our values are to be Trustworthy, Competent, Enjoyable & Rigorous whenever we serve you.