If you’re looking for a bookkeeper or tax professional in the Elko New Market Minnesota area, then you are in luck!

Nuance Financial Tax and Accounting is just a ten minute drive up the freeway. I, Rob Satrom, am one of the three co-owners of Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting, and I live in the Kelley Glen neighborhood, near the little park off of Francis Lane.

We’re not your typical CPA or tax firm that my fellow Elko New Market neighbors might be used to.

We help small businesses, their owners, and small non-profits with their taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, and sales tax. Our mission is to help business owners focus on what they do best, by serving them as their outsourced accountants, bookkeepers, tax advisors, and payroll experts. Our purpose, or WHY we do what we do, is to help Small Businesses to maximize their efforts, and build businesses that can last for generations.

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The federal government tends to get in the way of business owners by placing red-tape and bureaucracy in their way. This is true, but if you are a small business owner in the Elko New Market area, we can come alongside you to identify the tax mitigation strategies available, help you implement those strategies, and we’ll perform all the time-consuming messing around to comply with the government formalities, required to remain compliant.

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When we work with a client, we combine all of our services so that we can provide year-long, pro-active guidance, service, and tax consulting. For one monthly price, we’ll take do all of your bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, tax filing, year end tax returns and even help with your sales taxes. We’re a boutique shop focused on businesses only – which means we go deep with few companies rather than shallow with thousands.

That’s enough about us, now I’d like to share why I love Elko New Market so much.


I moved to the Elko New Market neighborhood back in January of 2016. We moved into the Kelly Glenn neighborhood in New Market, and live off of Francis Lane.

I always dreamed of living really close to a little park so that my kids would be able to play easily. I was super excited when that reality came true, and we moved into a lot that has a park just across the street and a few houses over.

Over the last year, I’ve really learned to appreciate some things about Elko New Market.

My Five Favorite things about Elko New Market:

1 – Great place to raise a family.

The bottom line is that this suburb is filled with folks who are trying to raise a family, be a productive citizen, and foster a safe and nurturing environment. When you walk up and down the streets on your evening stroll to one of our many parks, you’ll see all sorts of kids out in their yards running around, playing out in the road, or walking on the many paths.

This town was started and supported by some tremendous “old school” Elko New Market families. Tremendous names like Zweber, Mahowald, Friedges, and others, have been mainstays in the community for decades.

The town is filled with hundreds of families that are much like mine. Working hard at their jobs, raising children, enjoying the company and relationships of their neighbors, providing a good quality of life, and all within a short drive to the Minneapolis mainstays.

2 – Great Schools.

New Prague and Lakeville School districts are some of the highest ranked schools in the state, and the country. When you live in this town, the residents on the east side will be going to Lakeville schools and getting bussing options, and those on the west side will attend New Prague schools with bus options.

If you’re the type who likes home education or private schools, there are plenty of options around as well. There are a number of Home Education co-ops, and excellent private education choices like Christian Heritage Academy in Lakeville Minnesota.

3 – Short Commute to Cities

It takes 12 minutes to get to Lakeville, 15 minutes to New Prague, and about 30 minutes to Minneapolis. That’s not super close, but it’s really not that bad even if you work in downtown.

If you work in downtown Minneapolis, there are commuter stations in both Lakeville and Burnsville which means that you can park and ride! We have multiple neighbors that drive or take the bus to Minneapolis for their commute, and they all say that the quality of life out here is well worth the commute.

4 – Great Small Businesses

The businesses that support our community are great! While we’re eager to encourage more investment into the community so we can grow while keeping our small town values, we have awesome solutions here in town.

As a small business tax, accounting, and bookkeeping expert, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many of the business owners in the area, but I’m eager to develop more relationships. Here are some of the established businesses I’ve interacted with in some way shape or form.

Some of the more notable are:

Firehouse Grille:


The Work Shed Fitness Training & Supplements:

Triage Wellness Institute:


BodyWerks Auto Body Repair:


The Double Wide Bar:

Anytime Fitness:

Dominos Pizza:

Fleet Services and Manufacturing Bob Bright: https://www.facebook.com/Fleet-Services-Manufacturing-LLC-724282614341455/

Strong Remodeling Kitchen, Bathroom and basements:

Drive it Autos Dealership:

Zweber Farms:

Niemeyer Trailer Sales

Contact Me if you’d like to add your business!

5 – Liberty!

If you like hunting, fishing, cars, guns, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, racing, and other things that are awesome – Elko New Market is for you.

We have a community that’s all about a quality of living thats really high, and we have tons of folks that partake in outdoor activities.

We’re the kind of community where you’re able to have a fire pit in your front or back yard, you can ride your ATV down the street, and you’ll feel at home storing your boat or other motorized toy.

We’re all about liberty out here, yet doing it in a respectful, and quality manner that raises the overall living quality of our neighborhoods.


We’re a great Elko New Market Bookkeeper and tax solution if you’re a small business owner. Contact Rob Satrom right away, and we’d love to connect about how we can help your business mitigate their taxes, have compliant books, and be empowered to focus because the finances are taken care of!