Lakeville Real Estate Agent David Nelson & The Imperial Home Team

I still remember the first time I met my now good friend David Nelson, I had just finished up talking with a prospective client at the local coffee shop, when I heard David conversing with a local mortgage broker.

I was eagerly meeting with Lakeville Real Estate Agents, so I knew I wanted to say hello.

Being the entrepreneur that I am, I turned to David and said “so you’re a real estate agent?” Our two extroverted and friendly personalities locked into conversation for the better part of two hours, till we agreed that we should sit down and talk taxes.

Here at Nuance Financial, we serve nearly 40 different real estate teams, but David Nelson is by far the most fun of them all. David adds value to more than just homebuyers by flexing his marketing passion & competency leading a team of agents.

David has built a real estate team called “The Imperial Home Team” which is loosely themed after Star Wars, but tightly committed to the best interests of home buyers and sellers in Minnesota.

David is a professional, engaging, and thoughtful real estate agent with this amazing geekiness that’s both fun and competent. David’s the kind of guy you want helping you with things because he cares about people, he’s enjoyable, and he’s competent.

In a sea of real estate agents, Lakeville’s Imperial Home Team brings a fresh and “high protein” value to home buyers and purchasers.

David and I have spent a great deal of time together, so I threw together some questions for you, the readers, to get to know him a little better.

The Imperial Home Team:

David Nelson & Rob Satrom Interview:

Rob Satrom: David, it’s probably pretty obvious to most folks, but what does the
Imperial Home team do?

David Nelson: We help area Twin Cities residents buy and sell real estate. Our
primary office is in Lakeville although we have agents in place to assist any
client in the entire State of Minnesota. Actually, we can help out any client
looking to move to over 90 countries with our RE/MAX brand.

Rob Satrom: What is your target market, niche, or area of focus?

David Nelson: Since we are a team of full time real estate agents, we have
agents that specialize in a wide range of areas including first time homebuyers,
luxury homes, and investing. I personally specialize in listing and selling luxury
properties around the Lakeville area.

Rob Satrom: What do you love most about your work?

David Nelson: The ability to constantly research, create, and implement novel
strategies to put my team ahead of the rest. My dad told me that “when you
stop learning, you stop living”, so that’s been something I hold dear.

Rob Satrom: What’s your purpose – Why do you do what you do?

David Nelson: I really enjoy the social interactions with people and how to
utilize that with my marketing, branding, and business growth. My background
includes working as a bartender during college, Master’s degree in
Occupational therapy where I worked on the stroke rehab team at the Mayo
Clinic.. I’ve been in the people
business for decades. There are very few occupations that don’t involve
working with people and all their personalities….so that’s what feeds my

Rob Satrom: What are the values you seek to live out?

Other Business Partners: 

David Nelson: I firmly believe that integrity, honesty and hard/smart work were
values that I was instilled with while growing up on a large grain farm in
Northern Minnesota. Those values, taught to me by parents, are the same
ones I uphold and pass onto my agents on the Imperial Home Team.

Robert Satrom: What has the journey been like for you and the Imperial
Home Team?

David Nelson: My life alone has been a journey unlike most. I started out in
college right out of high school only to have my father suffer a rare illness which
eventually took his life way too soon. I wasn’t able to cope with watching my
father waste away so I quit college to manage an Abercrombie & Fitch store in
Rochester, MN but knew one day I would complete my college degree. After
my father passed away, I went back to college and received a Master’s Degree
in Occupational Therapy. Since my father had therapy during his battle with his
illness, I saw the benefit of occupational therapy and I wanted to help others. I
got a job at the Mayo Clinic but after working the healthcare route for 6 years in
the Twin Cities, I exited that industry in light of some of the upcoming health care law changes.

That’s how I got my full time start in real estate and I haven’t looked back.

Robert Satrom: What have your clients come to appreciate about the value you

David Nelson: I’m a stickler on communication with my clients. Most clients
biggest complaint is tied to poor communication from their real estate agent
and I don’t want that to be an issue for our team. We try to treat our
customers with great respect and professionalism, which I think our clients

would confirm. Lastly, we are constantly improving our already innovative
marketing systems, which help our clients achieve their real estate dreams.

Robert Satrom: What advice do you love giving your clients?

David Nelson: Everything happens for a reason. So many times I’ve seen a
buyer lose out on a home only to find one that there’s a better opportunity elsewhere.

I live life knowing that we have a purpose and things happen for a reason
(good or bad).

Robert Satrom: What do people need to know about working with you or hiring

David Nelson: I am a smart working agent that implements researched
strategies for my buyers and sellers to get them the best deal. I stay in touch
with my clients at least once a week and they are always are in the loop with
what is happening in the market. Lastly, I like to enjoy life and make people
smile so I frequently slip in some wit and humor….it’s my personality and I love

Robert Satrom: What objections usually exist and how do you respond?

David Nelson: We are constantly asked about reducing our commissions
because XYZ Realty will list our house for a less commission. I’m very upfront
on why we charge our commissions and what value we bring over other
agents. Discount agents usually mean discount service, marketing, and results.
You can expect the best from us.

Robert Satrom: What is in the near future for your organization?

Other Business Partners:

David Nelson: We are a growing team of agents and possibly looking to add
one or two more full time Realtors on my team. Now that I have been a local
real estate professional on KARE 11 and Fox 9 on various occasions, our
reputation has grown to the point that we need help.

Robert Satrom: What is in the distant horizon for your organization?

David Nelson: I see our current strong team of real estate professionals
continuing our mission of helping buyers and sellers with their needs. I also
see our Imperial Home Team brand steadily growing including our positive
reputation for quality work, integrity, and overall real estate knowledge.

Robert Satrom: Anything else you’d like to say or mention?

David Nelson: I am a huge Star Wars fan.