Isn’t it startling how easy it is to throw someone under the bus, demean them behind their back or simply refuse to build them up to others?
Imagine how our Minnesota Businesses & entrepreneur endeavors would improve if we did these three things from the above proverb:

  1. Learn to Value Other People. It’s nearly impossible to be a great leader if you can’t learn how to coach yourself to see the greatness, or glimmers of promise in them. When you hide & harbor displeasure for people your performance and leadership is hamstrung. Look at others as their kids, Moms, Dads, and best friends might; in a good light
  2. Speak in a manner that’s worthy of the subject’s trust. You know, act like whatever is being said is getting recorded and that person will hear it. Challenge yourself to always speak well of others.
  3. Speak up about their strengths & what the person has going for them. When you’re at the water cooler, take some time to mention something good about people that aren’t in the group. Nothing is more gratifying or helpful then third-party encouragement when others aren’t around.