Rather than working with a stuffy, crusty, CPA firm with thousands of clients we’re finding entrepreneurs want more.  We are a boutique accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and payroll firm based in lakeville.  We’re growing by leaps and bounds because the Minnesota CPA firms keep doing business the old way – a business model struggling to deliver on their promises.

So in light of what our clients are telling us and what we’re learning, here are the top

6 Indicators you would be a good candidate for Nuance Financial:

  1. You’ve had to file for an extensions
    • This indicates that your current firm has too many clients, and probably doesn’t give your case the rigorous analysis it deserves. Numerous invest
  2. They bill you hourly
    • This is unpredictable, uncontrollable, and unfavorable for most clients. We’ve found that an agreed upon monthly billing –with no annual contract- is most beneficial. That way, you know exactly what you’re paying and what you’re getting.
  3. They give you Reactive year-end advice rather than Pro-active, year-round planning.
    • Business owners have so many unique tools to mitigate their tax burden which means they should be connecting with a tax planner at least three times a year.
  4. They don’t perform your Bookkeeping
    • The bottom line is that great bookkeeping & accounting is the foundation of a thriving business. If your general ledger, chart of accounts, and general bookkeeping isn’t done to precise specifications, you are at risk for IRS trouble down the road. Plus, it doesn’t help you with business forecasting and growth if your books are done wrong.
  5. They neglect business Forecasting & Metrics
    • Do they offer you tools to monitor your key performance indicators? Accounting is meant to serve the business, and we think our job is to empower business owners to focus. That’s why we utilize industry leading forecasting and monitoring tools to help you measure your businesses success.
  6. They don’t uncover the holistic picture
    • Truly great CPA’s and advisors will not only empower business owners through high levels of service, but they cover their back through knowledgeable advice.  We’re advisors committed to making sure that Minnesota business owners long term picture is bright.  We will advise you how to be wise with your money, cover your risks, & connect you to the right attorneys, financial planners, insurance risk managers, leadership coaches, Minnesota banks, and the rest.  Our purpose is to make sure your business lasts for generations, and your family tree is impacted forever because you worked with us.

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