Vulnerability helps entrepreneurs & organizations get better.

Patrick Lencioni has written a marvelous book called “Getting Naked”  where He shares His experiences which prove vulnerability is a tremendous virtue for organizational health.

We help small businesses with their accounting, bookkeeping, taxes & payroll, but we know that the behaviors and characteristics of people matter most for business. As a Minnesota Accountant & Lakeville CPA we’ve faced our own learning curve as it comes to being vulnerable rather than being concerned with projecting strength, success & power.

Vulnerability is all about identifying & conquering three fears:

  1. The Fear of Losing the Business. Business owners and service providers never want to lose out on business or revenue.  Ironically, fearing the loss of business will jeopardize our ability to keep and increase business because it repels the type of traits which endear us to trustful relationships.
  2. The Fear of Being Embarrassed. Embarrassment as a service provider is often a result of the scrutiny of our clients. We weigh every question, thought, and statement in our minds because we want to protect our intellectual pride. Ultimately, allowing our pride to get hurt shouldn’t be the result when pursuing our genuine curiosity leads to laughably wrong advice, thoughts, or questions.
  3. Fear of Feeling Inferior. The pursuit of fame, honor, and our status within our sphere of influence can cause us to elevate our own importance above our clients and talk down to them.  In other words, in our efforts to appeal to our need for elevated status, we forget that “servanthood” is the type of service that establishes the deepest loyalty and trust.